Skrevet av Emne: Huge cave system 'could be Scotland's longest and most spectacular  (Lest 533 ganger)

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"two Scots have discovered what is believed to be the country’s longest cave after coming across the nettle-choked entrance by chance as they explored the area.

Geologist Iain Greig of Aberdeen and Neal Menzies from Stonehaven were exploring an area about two miles south of Durness in Sutherland last June.

Around 500 yards from the road in the North West Highlands Geopark, a geological area which is home to a number of limestone caves, they stumbled across an innocuous looking entrance which was blocked by vegetation.

The experienced cavers believe that it could directly to the world-renowned Smoo Cave near the village which is a distance of around four miles away.

When the men entered what has now been called the Cave of the Black Stones, they found the way blocked by silt but it was heading northwards towards Smoo Cave, following the course of River Dionard."

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"When I try to imagine a faultless love
Or the life to come, what I hear is the murmur
Of underground streams, what I see is a limestone landscape."
W.H. Auden, "In Praise of Limestone"