Skrevet av Emne: REQUEST FOR IMMEDIATE SELF-INSPECTION for all ABSORBICA energy absorbers  (Lest 1684 ganger)

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Ikke så aktuellt for grottere, men likevel viktig advarsel fra Petzl:

"Following a via ferrata accident on Thursday the 5th of May 2011 we launched - by reason of precaution - a voluntary product safety alert to inspect our SCORPIO via ferrata lanyards (L60 and L60CK) manufactured prior to March 2005. This alert was launched on 13th May.

Our internal investigation and analysis of our manufacturing procedures specific to the production of tear webbing energy absorbers has identified a weakness which could explain the defect leading to the cause of this accident.

As a consequence and even though the probability of this defect recurring remains very low, we have decided to take the following actions:

Temporary stoppage of all Petzl tear webbing lanyard production.
Temporary stoppage of the sale of all stock of SCORPIO and ABSORBICA tear webbing lanyards for inspection before resuming sales.
Issue a request for immediate self-inspection for all ABSORBICA energy absorbers, used by professional workers at height, using the special inspection procedure."

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