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Skrevet av: Rolf05.09.2017 12:19
"Incredible footage has shown the moment cave explorers chipped out a hole big enough to fit a person through— revealing an entire new breathtaking cave system.

An eye-watering video shows freelance photographer and professional caver Stewart Donn, 54, originally of Gloucester, creating an opening in the ground for his friend, Patrick Fitzgerald, to squeeze through.

In the video, Mr Donn maneuvers himself through tiny cracks in the underground cavern, which exists in South Australia's Mount Gambier region.

Mr Donn often carries a camera to document his underground adventures, with him and his wife both long-time avid cavers. "

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Skrevet av: Rolf12.09.2017 09:05
"Another video in the series 'Remember We Do These Caves So That You Don't Have To.’
The round trip in Lionel’s Hole is definitely is not one for claustrophobics."
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Skrevet av: Torstein12.09.2017 23:17
he he, den tredje skvisen er litt ekkel.