Skrevet av Emne: Disease that has killed millions of bats has now reached the West Coast  (Lest 1650 ganger)

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"The fungal disease that has killed more than 6 million bats in North America was confirmed in Washington State today by federal biologists. The discovery of a little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) infected with White-nose Syndrome in North Bend, Wash., about 30 miles east of Seattle, marks the first time the disease has been documented in the western United States.

“The discovery of the disease almost 1,300 miles from the previous westernmost detection of the fungus in Nebraska is devastating news,” says Katie Gillies, Director of Imperiled Species for Bat Conservation International. “Such a massive jump in geographical location leads us to believe that we humans are most likely responsible for its most recent spread”.

First documented in North America in 2007 in eastern New York, WNS has now spread to 28 states and five Canadian provinces. WNS is named for the fuzzy white growth found on bats infected with the fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans. The fungus grows on the faces and wings of hibernating bats, repeatedly rousing them from hibernation and causing them to burn through their fat stores. Dehydrated and without food, the bats starve to death before spring."

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