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El Speleo lights
« p: 04.07.2012 21:51 »
"El Speleo lights are made by a caver and mountain guide in Croatia named Jeja.  After repairing the top brand lights  that his friends kept bringing him, he designed one that was simple, elegant, and durable.  He kept it simple in design and simple to use.  He made sure there was a useful flood setting so you could see with your peripheral vision.  He put in a spot beam for when you need to see ceiling leads.  He made it waterproof.  He made it durable.  He optimized the electronics to last as long as possible.  And, he keeps refining the light with each build, based on caver feedback.

What you get with an El Speleo is a light that is designed and redesigned with the rugged cave environment in mind.  Every aspect is thought out and considered, from the replaceable lens cover, to the fully waterproof construction including waterproof connectors, to the durable heat dissipating housing.  You get the brightest, most efficient LEDs made.  But you don't get annoying flashing settings.  You don't get so many settings you don't know how to use them all.  You don't get flimsy wiring or switches.  In other words, you get a true caver's light.  You get something you can trust to get you out of a cave.

So, some specifics.  The lights come in multiple color temperatures, cool white is 6500K and neutral white is 5000K.  The single switch works in two directions. One direction is for the flood light and alternates between three linearly regulated settings ranging from about 30 to nearly 1000 lumens.  The other direction is for a spot light and alternates between three linearly regulated settings from about 30 to almost 600 lumens.  The spot light is good to more than 150 meters on the high setting.  You can't turn on both the flood and spot settings at the same time.  The battery is 7800mAh, high quality Li-ion.  What you get with this light is the brightest flood setting on the market today in any light that has both flood and spot settings.  Weight is 228g (8oz) for the light and 282g (10oz) for the battery."

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