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Portable fuel cells
« p: 10.06.2011 07:26 »
"PaxiTech's long terme goal is to produce fuel cells for portable applications using an innovative architecture (patented by CEA. This configuration uses a planar design where the fuel cell voltage can be increased by simply incorporating additional fuel cell units. There is no need for a classic filter-press type architecture requiring expensive, heavy and bulky bipolar plates. These fuel cells are especially suitable for portable devices because of their light weight and their longer running times before they need refilling. Planar fuel cells for applications requiring from a few hundred of watts can be envisaged.

New planar concept : Air breathing cells ...

The planar PEMFC is a completely passive system using the air in the surrouding environment at the cathode and operating at room temperature and ambient pressure. Ideally, the fuel cells run at very high efficiencies, supplying low current densities at high voltages, thus both heat and water production are kept to a minimum meaning that no auxiliary devices are necessary with the PaxiTech portable system. Our company has completed many extensive planar fuel cell R & D programmes as well as numerous demonstrations and field tests - 6W bicycle light and, 1W fence electrifer (LACME), 16W DVD player, 40W parking terminal, 24W brick unit and 3W headlamp (PETZL) - see latest News for details about some of these prototypes."

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Sv: Portable fuel cells
« Svar #1 p: 10.06.2011 09:28 »
Blir spennende å følge med på om dette når markedet etterhvert.
Og ikke minst hva prisen blir.
Ser at de har testet en versjon for grotting i 2008. Kan tyde på at dette er et sendrektig prosjekt så som Prism.