Skrevet av Emne: Cave Surveying – the next steps?  (Lest 1366 ganger)

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Cave Surveying – the next steps?
« p: 27.09.2017 15:39 »
"The backbone of cave surveying is the data, in other words the numbers. We spend many hours collecting them, and some time building up pictures around the numbers. This means that as computers became a home item, cave surveyors rapidly adopted them to carry the burden of the tedious after-caving task of crunching the numbers. In recent years, we have also moved this technology into the cave and with it the surveying has continued to improve. However, getting in at the start of something generally means that most of the things you do have to be developed from scratch.


"Surveying is now changing rapidly, or certainly looks like it is about to. 3D laser scanning is growing and photogrammetry or image from motion is getting there, together with all the additional data that can be collected when surveying, like the photos, that now number thousands on every expedition."

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"When I try to imagine a faultless love
Or the life to come, what I hear is the murmur
Of underground streams, what I see is a limestone landscape."
W.H. Auden, "In Praise of Limestone"