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Tittel: SIGNAL SEEKER – A Short Story of Bo Lenander’s Lifelong Journey
Skrevet av: Rolf p 17.10.2016 18:13
"Last winter we had a privilege to join Expedition Bjurälven in Northern Sweden. This had been our goal for several years and the trip proved to be worth the wait. By far best organized expedition we have participated. Everybody had a specific role, which kept the project moving smoothly. Also circumstances were on our side and not a single day was canceled due to weather.
Expedition will continue next year and when it will be organized for the tenth time. Despite the anniversary challenges will grow. End of line is beyond several sumps and collapses making advance difficult. Laying new line will be challenging not to mention its documentation. We look forward to the challenge.
We documented this years expedition from Bo "Bosse" Lenander's point of view. He is the one who found the cave 37 years ago and is still active explorer."