Skrevet av Emne: Wired: The Worst Diseases You Can Catch Underground  (Lest 2182 ganger)

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Like all sports that appeal to the extreme set, caving is risky. Beyond slips, falls and scrapes, spelunkers chance a host of rare, nasty diseases from cave critters. Typical threats are histoplasmosis, rabies, leptospirosis and tick-borne relapsing fever.

Though most underground explorers understand the need for good ropes and headlamps, fewer think about the diseases they can catch beneath the surface, said Ricardo Pereira Igreja, a doctor and professor of infectious disease in Brazil.

“People all over the world now are exploring caves for the nature and ecology. For some it’s very spiritual,” said Igreja, of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. “I think that’s good, but it does come with some threat.”

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    • Johannes Lundberg
...kanske inte riktigt lika snygga illustrationer....:
Johannes Lundberg