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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Is This the Underground Everest?
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 11.05.2017 21:27 »
"Far beneath a remote mountain range in Uzbekistan, explorers are delving into a labyrinth that could be the world's deepest cave.   
‘Don’t worry, you can’t get lost down here.’ Larisa Pozdnyakova’s words, in her thick Russian accent, float to me from within the cave’s seemingly endless black void. Apparently, she can read my mind: All I can think about is not getting lost a mile inside the Earth. For the past several hours I’ve struggled to keep up as she leads me deeper into a frozen underworld known as Dark Star."

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Linker / Sv: Grottefilmer på nett
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 03.05.2017 10:16 »

Galería de los thalassinoides

Fin, men hva om vannet stiger  ???

Grottevern / Sv: SCCi Acquires 31st Cave Preserve
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 30.04.2017 10:11 »
Southeastern Cave Conservancy gjør en fantastisk jobb med å kjøpe opp områder med grotter for
å beskytte dem  :)
Grottevern / Sv: SCCi Acquires 31st Cave Preserve
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 30.04.2017 10:10 »
"t's pretty obscure, little more than the mouth of a bear den, but it leads into a fascinating underworld and ties into the world's longest cave that is protected by Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

And thanks to the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc., the Daleo Entrance to Mammoth Cave that is just about a mile east of the national park is being protected by the nonprofit organization.

The land surrounding the entrance, now named the Elroy and Marilyn Daleo Cave Preserve, protects 88 acres of classic karst on the Mammoth Cave Plateau. It recently was purchased by the cave conservancy."


Grottevern / Sv: SCCi Acquires 31st Cave Preserve
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 27.04.2017 23:03 »
"There are 17,000 known caves in the southeastern United States. Caves and karst environments are home to over a 1,000 cave dwelling species, and 95% of them are listed as threatened or endangered. Caves house many historic and cultural resources from civil war signatures to Native American cave writings. These special environments must be protected and remain as accessible as possible for recreational cavers and nature lovers alike.
SCCi currently protects 171 caves on 31 preserves in 6 states. Founded in 1991, SCCi is the world’s largest land conservancy dedicated solely to cave conservation. The caves we protect represent some of the Southeast’s most significant wild caves. We protect the habitat endangered animals, preserve historic artifacts, and provide some of the best recreational caving anywhere."

Grottevern / SCCi Acquires 31st Cave Preserve
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 27.04.2017 07:59 »
"Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. acquires entrance to Mammoth Cave system protecting a vital portal for study and exploration.
(...) SCCi) announces the purchase of the Daleo Entrance to the Roppel section of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world. The land surrounding the entrance, now named the Elroy and Marilyn Daleo Cave Preserve, is one mile east of Mammoth Cave National Park and protects 88 acres of classic karst on the Mammoth Cave Plateau. The Daleo Entrance is now the only entrance to the Mammoth Cave outside the national park owned by a conservation organization.

Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Stalagmites store paleoclimate data
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 14.04.2017 18:30 »
"The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is the dominant atmospheric pressure mode over the North Atlantic that plays a significant role in determining the winter climate in Europe. Depending on the prevailing state of the NAO, Europe experiences mild or very cold winters and even strong storms. Geoscientists based at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) are currently reconstructing the fluctuations of the NAO over the last 10,000 years with the aim of being able to predict future developments. For this purpose, they use stalagmites obtained from subterranean caves as natural climate archives and are examining new indicators of climate change to retrieve climate information that is as accurate as possible. Initial results indicate that it is likely that the NAO will respond to the melting of the Arctic ice cap in the future, with consequences for our climate, environment, and society as a whole.

Dr. Jasper Wassenburg works with stalagmites from caves in the Middle Atlas, a mountain range in the northwest of Morocco. Stalagmites are calcium carbonate deposits that grow from the floor of a cave upwards due to precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals deposited from the dripwater. Calcite is the most common form of calcium carbonate although in some cases it can also be aragonite. "Aragonite, if well preserved, can be dated with remarkable precision. So we prefer aragonite stalagmites over calcitic ones," explained Wassenburg, who is a member of the research team headed by Professor Denis Scholz at the Institute of Geosciences at Mainz University.

The incorporation of chemical elements in speleothems, which is the term scientists use for the secondary mineral deposits in caves, is often depending on changes in the environment. These elements are known as climate proxies because they provide indirect evidence of climatic history. Wassenburg's study of seven speleothem samples obtained from Morocco, India, France, Spain, and a cave known as the Hüttenbläserschachthöhle in Germany's Sauerland region is the first attempt to identify in detail the concentrations at which trace elements tend to be incorporated in aragonite. "We have been able to demonstrate that the concentration of uranium in aragonite stalagmites is a very precise indicator of prehistoric rainfall patterns," he added. This means that stalagmites can tell us qualitatively how much it rained 200,000 years ago."

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Grottevern / Sv: Finnes det grotter i Skjomen området ?
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 11.04.2017 20:54 »
Bildet i denne bloggen viser en grotte som angivelig skal være i Skjomen:


Det skal vistnok være grotter nær en turisthytte på svensk side.

Er det noen som vet noe mer ?
Kartlegging / Sv: Therion
« Nyeste innlegg av Torstein 10.04.2017 18:20 »
Noe av det nye ved tegning er:
- Stasjonspunkter vises som et triangel slik at vi kan skille dem fra andre punkter (som er fylte sirkler).
- Ulik farge for essensielle linjetyper. Herunder vegg, stup/kant og border.
- Hurtigtast for sletting av punkt på linje (Ctrl-Shift-D) og for zoom (Ctrl-Opp/Ned). Kan også zoome med musehjulet.

Når senterlinjen nå vises i Aven (Survex), er sløyfene (loopene) fargelagt ut fra hvor stor kartleggingsfeilen er.
Grottevern / Grotter i Bogen/Evenes området
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 09.04.2017 18:20 »
I forbindelse med veiutbygging skal det bygges tunneller i Bogen Evenes området.
Tunnelene går gjennom et kalkspatmarmor område.

Er det noen som kjenner til grotter der så send meg en personlig melding.

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