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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Sv: Ice Age-Era Cave System Found Under Major City
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 09.12.2017 16:27 »
"The spectacular find is connected to Montreal's Saint-Léonard Cavern, which lies underneath Parc Pie XII, not far from Highway 40.

The main portion of the cavern has been open to members of the public for decades, but tour guides had no idea there had been a massive section hidden behind a limestone wall."

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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Ice Age-Era Cave System Found Under Major City
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 05.12.2017 13:08 »
"Pie-XII Park lies in the heart of Montréal, surrounded by busy city streets. But it's what lies beneath those streets that has cave experts and city residents buzzing.

A new network of caves, dating back to the Earth's last Ice Age, and extending nearly 700 feet, were discovered in October by Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc, two speleologists (cave experts). The find was only recently announced after the site was secured.

On October 12, Caron and Le Blanc were exploring the already well-known St. Léonard cave that lies just underneath Pie-XII Park. The original portion of the cave had been discovered in 1812, but cave experts have long speculated that more was hidden beneath.

For most of Montréal, however, the large network lurking below the city was unknown.

"They’ve dug sewers and made basements, but no one had ever seen them," La Blanc said of the cave network.

Caron and Le Blanc decided to explore their hunch in 2014, when they began spelunking through the St. Léonard caverns searching for new passages."

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"A new discovery deep below a Saint-Leonard park is attracting a lot of attention.

People have been exploring a cave underneath Parc Pix-XII since it was discovered in 1812 but just last month, cavers found something incredible.

“It’s a very rare event in your life [that] you discover so much cave passage,” said Luc Le Blanc of the Quebec Caving Society.

Le Blanc was among the people who uncovered a vast new section of the cave.

The new section contains rock formations crews believe took 15,000 years to form."

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Linker / Sv: Grottefilmer på nett
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 29.11.2017 18:36 »
Fransk video, etter 8 timer under jorden, beveger grottene seg lettkledd for å ikke skade
utrolig vakre speleothemer

"Construction work in a town in central Israel has been halted after a large limestone cave with stalactite formations was uncovered under a neighborhood street.

Authorities said work at Rosh Ha’ayin’s Psagot Afek residential neighborhood was stopped at the weekend, both in order to assess safety and to look into possible conservation requirements."

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"Dear colleagues,
Until now, more speleologists from the USA, Canada, Germany and Thailand have been enrolled in our expedition, PHA SOUNG PROJECT 2018, LAOS. We still have 4 positions available in our expedition and that’s why we extended the application deadline to December 15, 2017.
Invitation for international speleological expedition

PHA SOUNG PROJECT 2018, LAOS (January 28 to February 18, 2018)
The “Z” Speleology Club organizes a new speleological expedition in Pha Soung Mountain, Khammouane Province, Laos, from January 28 to February 18, 2018. We now invite any keen, speleologist, mountaineer, photographer, climber, or a biologist to join us in a unique adventure in the wonderful and mysterious Laos. The objectives of the expedition are resuming the exploration and survey of the large Pha Soung system (20,442 m development in 2017) and the new discoveries, as the large caves Tham May Moun (over 1 km), Tham Nam Kouan Moo Yo (849 m already surveyed in 2017) and, not in the last, Tham Dan Makhia (1,304 m surveyed in 2017)."

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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Sv: Innsjø i Chile forsvant
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 13.11.2017 15:00 »
Interessant artikkel om jøkulhlaup på nrk sine nettsider:

Grotte- og gruvenyheter / In Photos: Cave Art from Mona Island
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 07.11.2017 10:32 »
"Archaeologists recently explored the many subterranean caves of Mona Island. Exploring deeper in the narrow tunnels than ever before, the researchers uncovered thousands of well-preserved paintings"

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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Redningsøvelse Nysetergruven på Grua
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 29.10.2017 18:16 »
Responsteamet i Norsk grotteredningstjeneste (NGRT) har i helgen avholdt
en redningsøvelse i Nysetergruven på Grua.
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