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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Search on for missing Sagada guide
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 22.07.2017 22:28 »
"Caving activities inside the famous Sagada Caves in Mountain Province were suspended by town officials after a tour guide went missing inside the still unexplored Victoria tunnel at Maduto, Amkileng. Authorities identified the missing tour guide as Roderick Malecdan, a native of Sagada, who was believed to have been flushed inside a deep portion of the cave. Initial police investigation revealed seven tour guides allegedly entered and explore Victoria cave in preparation for the visit of tourists when a huge volume of water triggered by the early afternoon rains suddenly entered the tunnel and flushed them inside. Four tour guides were able to come out of the cave while two others were rescued by responding rescuers. Rescuers were able to identify the area where the missing tourist guide was and they are expected to scour the area once the water drop to a manageable level inside the tunnel."

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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / The Man Who Blew The Door Off The Microbial World
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 20.07.2017 20:22 »
"A few years before Norm Pace revolutionized the study of life on Earth, he almost lost his own life.

He’s best known as a microbiologist, but he’s also a die-hard spelunker. In the 1970s, he and a group of friends set out to explore a Mexican cave called Sumidero Yochib. It sits at the bottom of a massive sinkhole that doubles as a large drain; when it rains, a hundred square miles of water funnel into the entrance, turning it into a raging torrent. These waterfalls, combined with almost a dozen sheer drops, make Yochib one of the most dangerous caves in the world.

Pace learned that the hard way. During one of his expeditions into Yochib, the bolt that was holding Pace’s rope popped out. He fell, straight into the path of a waterfall. His companions tried to pull him up, but failed. They headed back to the surface, sure that they had just seen their friend die. But Pace was very much alive. He had used his helmet to create an air pocket, which allowed him to breathe amid the cascading water. Slowly, he climbed his way out. His friends were trying to work out how to recover his body, when said body walked up to them and calmly sat down."


Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Researchers Extract Human DNA From Cave Sediments
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 11.07.2017 17:03 »
"Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany have developed a new method of retrieving hominin DNA from sediments, even in the absence of skeletal remains.
In comparison with the amount of human-made tools and other artefacts available, skeletal remains of ancient humans and their ancestors are comparatively scarce and where such remains do exist, the recovery of viable DNA has long been the Holy Grail of many researchers.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have been looking into new ways of obtaining ancient human DNA and have turned their attention to sediment samples collected at seven archaeological sites."

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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Two Rescues at Box Mines, Wiltshire
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 11.07.2017 16:57 »
"Firefighters and cave rescuers have had to attend Box Mines near Corsham, Wiltshire, twice in three days to assist parties in trouble underground. On 2 July 2017, Corsham Fire and Rescue assisted a group of three who had entered the mines via Back Door entrance and made their way to Jack’s Working entrance where a recently installed grill blocked their exit. They were able to use their mobile phones to call for help and a small team from Mendip Cave Rescue led them out through a nearby entrance.

Three days later, in an almost identical incident, a party of seven youths from Bristol entered Box Quarry via the Back Door entrance at about 11pm on 4 July 2017. They made their way to Jack’s Working entrance but found this had been grilled in the couple of weeks since their last visit there. They were unwilling to return to the Back Door to exit as the torches on their mobile phones were running low on battery."


Grotte- og gruvenyheter / New to caving
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 25.06.2017 18:05 »
Nytt britisk websted, med råd til nybegynnere:

"The weather report for California 8,200 years ago was exceptionally wet and stormy.

That is the conclusion of a paleoclimate study that analyzed stalagmite records from White Moon Cave in the Santa Cruz Mountains published online Jun. 20 in Scientific Reports.

The Golden State's 150-year stretch of unusually wet weather appears to have been marked by particularly intense winter storms and coincides with a climate anomaly in Greenland ice cores first detected in 1997. Before this "8.2 ka event" was discovered scientists thought the world's climate had been unusually stable during the Holocene, the geological epoch that covers the last 11,700 years of Earth's history.

Since then researchers have associated the distinctive, 3.3-degree Celsius temperature dip in the Greenland ice cores with a catastrophic event: The drainage of two giant glacial lakes (Lake Ojibway and Lake Agassiz) located in northeastern North America caused by the collapse of massive ice sheet that covered much of the continent during the last ice age. In short order, the two lakes dumped enough melt water into the North Atlantic to disrupt the world's oceanic and atmospheric circulation patterns and raise the sea level by somewhere between two to 10 feet. The tremendous freshwater flood has been associated with an extended cold snap in Europe, increased drought in Africa, weakened monsoons in Asia and strengthened monsoons in South America."


Annet om grotter / Yorkshire Dales Cave Monitoring Project
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 17.06.2017 15:24 »
"We are monitoring two cave sites in the Yorkshire Dales to provide background data to Palaeoclimate studies on Stalactites. We have temperature loggers and drip rate loggers situated in the caves, and take hand held CO2, temperature and relative humidity readings every 6-8 weeks. We also collect cave water samples which are analysed for isotope values in comparison to rainfall values."


Grotte- og gruvenyheter / More witch markings found at Wookey Hole
« Nyeste innlegg av Rolf 15.06.2017 11:10 »
"A series of witch markings have been discovered carved into walls at an underground tourist attraction.
The symbols were originally thought to be graffiti, but experts now believe they were carved to ward off evil spirits at Wookey Hole, Somerset.
Four new ritual protection marks were found by staff creating a new caving experience at the site.
Experts from Bristol University who have studied the markings said they dated from about 1550 to 1750.
Chris Binding from the university's speleological society, who helped carry out the survey, said about 50 carvings, which were originally thought to be mason's marks, were identified as being ritual protection marks in 2007."


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