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Grotte- og gruvenyheter / Cavern closed at Carlsbad Cavern National Park
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"You can still visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southeastern New Mexico during the federal government's partial shutdown but don't expect to go underground to see the namesake cavern itself.

Park officials say all park roads and trails remain open but that the cavern and the park's visitor center are closed to visitors.

Carlsbad Cavern has a huge underground chamber called the Big Room with ceiling formations called stalactites."

"James Felton says to hear the story of his son's heroic rescue from the men who spent hours in a Utah cave meticulously working to get him out is unbelievable.

"To be standing next to a guy who physically carried your son out of a hole that was 200 feet basically, with a light strapped to his head, it’s unbelievable,” Felton said.

Salt Lake Fire Capt. David Dixon insists it was a team effort to get Zachary Felton out of that cave. And to Dixon, who has been exploring caves for 45 years, it wasn't all work.

"For us it was more of an adventure. But for him, it was probably more torture. But he did real well,” he said.

Although his son still has a long road to recovery, James Felton said he was in tears as he listened to Dixon recount the dramatic 12-hour rescue. Felton called Dixon and fellow Salt Lake Fire Capt. Steve Crandall "selfless heroes" who deserve a lot of recognition, despite the firefighters' humble demeanors."

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Her er en god konverter for å transformere (regne om) koordinater fra et system til et annet: https://www.kartverket.no/Kart/transformere-koordinater/.
Grottevern / Planners to discuss cave preservation
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"An effort to keep a local cave from being impacted by development will be discussed when the Putnam County Regional Planning Commission meets this evening.

In an email to county planner Kevin Rush, Albert Ogden — a retired TTU geology professor — said he purchased a tract of land in Eastlake subdivision about 25 years ago in order to protect the cave on the property.

The 8.14-acre tract has never been developed, and Ogden would like to keep it that way.

"The cave is called Secret Cave and is considered to be on of the top five most beautiful caves in the state which is why I bought it to preserve it," Ogden said.

Ogden, who now lives in Murfreesboro, said he has been trying for a couple of years now to sell the land to either the National Speleological Society or the Southeast Cave Conservancy.

"Because the land is in a subdivision, it is a bit pricier than they are accustomed to buying to preserve caves," he said.

So Ogden is proposing that he subdivide the lot in order to sell the 2.5 acres surrounding the cave separately from the rest of the property.

He said doing so would make the property more affordable to someone willing to purchase it and "willing to sign any necessary agreement of understanding that the land would be declared green space and forever not be built upon." "


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"Atlas Center 2017 — Journey into earth

An unique adventurous experience with Centre Atlas 2017, to explore the underneath world of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Deep inside these mountains, some caves are discovered, but a lot more never touched before. So, grab your flashlight and lace up your hiking boots for a visit to a fantastic universe— the world of caves.
To explore kilometers of passages. To marvel at breathtaking mineral formations and kingdoms of bats. To discover the undergrounds of the Atlas Mountains."

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WOW Caving in Papua New Guinea:

Linker / Sv: Grottefilmer på nett
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"It took 2000 hours for Jason Barnett to digitally print lava caves for a subterranean exhibition.

Barnett, who works for Huapai-based company Mindkits, spent two months creating three large-scale 3D printed lava cave models for the Underworld exhibition.

Digital artist Chirag Jindal worked with speleologist Peter Crossley and spent 18 months crawling into lava cave spaces beneath the Auckland suburbs of Mt Eden, Three Kings, Mt Albert and One Tree Hill."

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"A 15-year-old climber fell about 100 feet down a mine shaft after his rope snapped on Thursday morning, the Golden Fire Department said.

The incident happened about 10:20 a.m. in the 100 block of South Rooney Road near West Colfax Avenue and Interstate 70. The shaft is on the hogback in the foothills of Jefferson County, which is considered open space.

At roughly 2:10 p.m., the teen was rescued from the mine shaft. A tweet by posted by West Metro Fire at 2:14 p.m. indicated the boy is conscious and talking with rescuers."

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